Who Are We

Welcome to Worship Online Network. This is our story.

Every business and ministry has a story to tell. From Apple to Disney every entity has a story of how it began and we are by no means are any different. Worship Online Network came from very humble beginnings.

It all started in 2013 when God first gave us the vision for this ministry. We had very little in the way of equipment, capital and knowledge of how to get this gigantic ministry off the ground.  However, God saw fit to place his hand of favor on our lives as we set out to launch this multifaceted media network that would give him glory and honor.

The vision of this ministry was given to Prophet Blaine as he lay on the floor of a small house in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. God spoke to the prophet and gave him the master plan and vision of launching this multifaceted network beginning first with an online radio network. By 2015 Prophet Blaine and his other partners launched a radio network that would instantly turn heads in the community and get people talking. It seemed to capture audiences almost instantly and grew to reach the masses worldwide. After the untimely death of one of the Online Radio Network partners Dr. Rhoda Byrd, the progression of the network came to a holt.

In 2016 God spoke to Prophet Blaine saying “Start again and trust me” So with some hesitation the prophet began the process of starting a brand new radio network as God had instructed. On October 13, 2016 Worship Radio Detroit was born. The network grew to reach a worldwide audience of well over 250k in 55 countries.

Once again things were about to change. God had a plan to change things around and put the next level of the plan in place. It was time for the ministry to change it’s direction to include TV. Beginning in May of 2018 Worship Radio Detroit began it’s transition into the world of TV becoming known as Worship Online Network (WONTV)

The exciting new TV Network and video production company is producing original content for our “Netflix” like platform geared towards the christian community. Content is made available through IP based media systems like Roku, Apple TV, Fire Tv as well as gaming systems like Xbox.

We have a heart after God’s people and we make it our mission to reach people worldwide for The Glory of God. All of our programs are designed to bring glory back to God who is the center and the core of who we are. We have always said and we will continue to say that God is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and The President of this great organization. We follow his lead first, in everything we do.

As ambassadors and leaders in the kingdom of God it is our duty to bring change to broadcast media on a global scale by shifting the spiritual atmosphere in our generation by providing our listeners with non-compromising programming and worship.

Proudly Owned And Operated by Worship Media Group, LLC